In 1990, a three member band, "The Storm Riders" was formed under the leadership of Tatsuya. The musical style of the band was Rockabilly and the band changed its name to "The Starlite Wranglers" in 1993 after changing its members several times in order to pursue the Psychobilly in their own interpretation (their own style of Rockabilly without any limitations and restrictions.).

At the time when the band was renamed, the band members were Tatsuya (G.& Vo.), Ishii (Wb.) and Ozawa (Dr.).The name of the band which may remind you of 50's Rockabilly and Hillbilly music contains the band's theme, "No matter how much the sound of our music advances, we will never forget the core of our music, Rockabilly." The phrase always disciplines the band members that they will never change the core of their music, Rockabilly in their musical style. The name of the band is indirectly related to Elvis Presley in a sense.

In 1994, Ishii left the band and Futoshi joined. The band energetically held live performances mainly in Tokyo and Yokohama areas in Japan.

In June 1999, the band joined the compilation album "Friday Nite Rumble! Vol.3" with one of their pieces. The compilation album was released from Run Wild Records in the United states. In September 2001, the band released their 1st album, "Whisper of the Devil", which turned out to be the first album with a solo sound source from a Japanese band, from Crazy Love Records in Germany. For more information about their future musical activities, please check the "news" page.