Eric Maaske (1969-2004)

On Saturday, August 28, 2004, Eric Maaske passed away. He was the owner of a tattoo shop called Classic Tattoo Parlor in Fullerton, California and I had been his closest friend for ten years.

I had always been contacting him directly. But I unfortunately didn't contact him recently. Therefore, it took me unbelievably long time to know the fact that he passed away.

Eric encouraged me very much even before we released our 1st album. He kindly provided me with "tattoo illustration" for our 1st album jacket and kindly designed our logo we have been using in our website. He also wrote down a message for us in which he talks about what the present situation of Psychobilly scene is like and his thoughts toward Psychobilly on behalf of us for our 2nd album which we plan to release in next month.

Anyway, Eric already passed away and it is totally impossible for me to express the sense of my sadness for the fact that he passed away. By the way, Eric and I have the same birthday. No matter what the end of his life was like, he was always be the only man I respect. I proudly say that he was the best old school tattoo artist and was a genuine Rockabilly guy. Therefore, I will never forget him in my life and will keep thinking about him as long as his tattoo is on my body. I want to say to Eric that it is too early for me to talk about the memory about him now....

Anyway, Eric Maaske was my best and closest friend and I truly would like to pray for the repose of his soul.

October 13, 2004